Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Last Fall.

Looking back at this road I've traveled, I see darkness.
I see eyes peering through the suffocating trees that block out sunlight.
Uneven ground- a ground where one stumbles and falls into the dirt and mire.

I hear voices, taunts.
These voices encircle me. They make me question and doubt.
There are silhouettes fading in and out, pointing fingers.

I watch myself stumbling along the path- tripping and falling.
Scrapes and bruises.
I see the tears falling to the ground.
I struggle to lift myself up again, with my own strength.

One last fall, and open wounds appear. A blow too hard to regain strength.
There on my knees, words attempt to escape my mouth.
Nothing but "God!" slips through.

Then a hand grips mine, so tightly.
This Savior gathers me in his arms.
He cradles my head close to his heart- I hear the strong rhythm.
I was once cold, now so warm.

He began to nurse my wounds.
He says, "Oh my child, experience me, I will carry you."
He picks me up, still holding me close to his heart.
He kisses my forehead.

I stared at his beautiful face.
I forgot the place I was in.
The determination in His eyes- He held me so close.
He carried me into light.

The path became smooth again and He set me gently down on my feet.
In amazement, I had no words. I just stared at His beautiful face.

"Remember my promises child. I will never leave you nor forsake you."


  1. Thanks for makin me get emotional.
    This is great.
    I appreciate this post. thanks

  2. man it was emotional writing it..
    glad you liked it.