Thursday, September 30, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Last Fall.

Looking back at this road I've traveled, I see darkness.
I see eyes peering through the suffocating trees that block out sunlight.
Uneven ground- a ground where one stumbles and falls into the dirt and mire.

I hear voices, taunts.
These voices encircle me. They make me question and doubt.
There are silhouettes fading in and out, pointing fingers.

I watch myself stumbling along the path- tripping and falling.
Scrapes and bruises.
I see the tears falling to the ground.
I struggle to lift myself up again, with my own strength.

One last fall, and open wounds appear. A blow too hard to regain strength.
There on my knees, words attempt to escape my mouth.
Nothing but "God!" slips through.

Then a hand grips mine, so tightly.
This Savior gathers me in his arms.
He cradles my head close to his heart- I hear the strong rhythm.
I was once cold, now so warm.

He began to nurse my wounds.
He says, "Oh my child, experience me, I will carry you."
He picks me up, still holding me close to his heart.
He kisses my forehead.

I stared at his beautiful face.
I forgot the place I was in.
The determination in His eyes- He held me so close.
He carried me into light.

The path became smooth again and He set me gently down on my feet.
In amazement, I had no words. I just stared at His beautiful face.

"Remember my promises child. I will never leave you nor forsake you."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Let Go"

Moonlight shown on the white ivory.
Within the dark room she sits on a wooden bench
Longing for someone to understand the confusion inside of her-
she turns to a longtime friend.

This friend does not ask questions, but hears the quiet plea within her heart.
There was a connection; fingers and keys.
The darkness encircles her- the world shut out.
A state almost like unconciousness sets it- only fingers dancing along the keys.

Longing to feel a higher power...
grasping something she can neither feel nor comprehend.
she cries out inside, 'God, let me feel something!'
Hidden behind the darkness of her eyelids, she escapes somewhere within her soul; for there she could surely sense her Savior's presence.

Thoughts- a whirlwind in her mind.
A struggle, a wrestling match, there before God.
'Take my iniquities Jesus! For they are weighing me down!'
'Why can't I feel you?'

Her fingers pound out on the keys, yet a beautiful melody arises.
Tears drip slowly down her face as she heaves.
A release.
There within the melody, He whispers to her.
The faintest words only the soul can hear:
"Let Go."