Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forgotten Letters..

Today I was going through a box of old letters, cards, and other random things that I keep under my bed. I was looking for something in particular to do an art project with but as soon as I started looking at some of the cards, I got side tracked. I found a little packet thing that my best friend made me when we were young titled, "Moriah and Katie; Best Friends and Trying to Stay That Way FOREVER!" It made me laugh and it hit me how fast time goes, it seemed like just yesterday we were coloring with eachother ( not like we don't do that now..but the majority of it was back then..). I continued looking through the box and found old pictures of when I was little and didn't know what hair products were..I found random notes from my parents saying, "I love you Sugars"," I'm thinking about you!" I found silly notes from friends and cousins and realized again how much time flies. I was still looking through at some birthday cards and ticket stubs and found a card from my Grandpa who passed away a couple years ago. It said "Dear Moriah, You are growing up really fast. Your special. Happy Birthday and many more. Love Grandpa Sears" I read it a couple more times as tears came to my eyes because I realized how much I miss him and how long ago that was. I didn't know I had that card in my stash but at the most unlikely time to find it, I did. Reading the card now, it means so much more to me; just to hear "Your Special" from him. It brought back memories of him and my grandma who died one year apart from eachother.I began to think, if something so simple as a card that says, "Your special" can make such an impact on me, what can it do for someone else. Reading these cards and notes of encouragment kind of gave me a sense of self-confidence- just knowing someone is there and someone is thinking about me. I began to think of what I could do for someone else, and what I could be remembered for when I'm not here anymore. If the simple words from my Grandpa can still encourage me today- I think it's important to leave such notes of encouragment to others right now. Words can make an impact; and when they are written down, they can be saved even after that person is gone. So I challenge you to be encouraging with your words- write someone a note or letter because you never know when they might need to hear it. Embrace today. :)Hebrews 3:13