Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Very God.


Who is this God seated on the throne; his robe filling this Holy Temple? Angels hide their face screaming "Holy, Holy, Holy!" Who is this God set apart?

I'm overwhelmed by his beauty, his glory- nothing could ever compare.
This being set apart; most High God, creator of this very universe knows me. He knows my name, he hears my prayers, he sees my heart.
Nothing can ever escape his knowledge; his gaze.

This very God who angels hide their face from- this very God who created the sun, the stars, the universe, this very God who rose from the dead- He knows me. He cradles me in his arms.
He carries me with his immaculate strength. Nothing can compare.

I kneel amazed- overwhelmed because I'm too weak to stand. Who am I to stand before my creator? Who am I?

I am nothing. My problems are nothing. My "good" is nothing. I am valueless. But God, my creator, makes me something. In his eyes, I am everything. He died the penalty of death to save me from the pit of hell. In his eyes, I am of value.

This is my prayer:
Oh God, Holy creator, who am I to kneel before you, to talk with you? You make me who I am- nothing else. Fill me with your spirit so that I may live this life you gave me with purpose; with passion and fire to serve you. Through you, I am of value. I love you Lord- you make beautiful things out of us.