Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Let Go"

Moonlight shown on the white ivory.
Within the dark room she sits on a wooden bench
Longing for someone to understand the confusion inside of her-
she turns to a longtime friend.

This friend does not ask questions, but hears the quiet plea within her heart.
There was a connection; fingers and keys.
The darkness encircles her- the world shut out.
A state almost like unconciousness sets it- only fingers dancing along the keys.

Longing to feel a higher power...
grasping something she can neither feel nor comprehend.
she cries out inside, 'God, let me feel something!'
Hidden behind the darkness of her eyelids, she escapes somewhere within her soul; for there she could surely sense her Savior's presence.

Thoughts- a whirlwind in her mind.
A struggle, a wrestling match, there before God.
'Take my iniquities Jesus! For they are weighing me down!'
'Why can't I feel you?'

Her fingers pound out on the keys, yet a beautiful melody arises.
Tears drip slowly down her face as she heaves.
A release.
There within the melody, He whispers to her.
The faintest words only the soul can hear:
"Let Go."


  1. Wow Myah. This is awesome. I absolutely love it. Very emotional to read for sure because I've been there, and of course, referencing the piano and the connection there. Like I said I've definitely been there, and it's a place of surrender. Definitely is. Thank God He gave us music, but more importantly His Son! I read it three times in a row I loved it so much. Keep it up and God bless. I'm gonna go read it again :)


  2. Thanks so much man... :) I find that sometimes music can speak for words unsaid, or for thoughts meant to convey-but find difficulty in doing so. It's a comfort to know God hears the quiet pleas within our hearts and that he can speak in numerous ways.. Glad you enjoyed it (: